About ICSO H&W

The Insurance Company Supported Organizations – Health and Welfare Plan (ICSO H&W) administers a variety of health, life and disability insurance related benefits for insurance company supported organizations, such as FAIR Plans, Wind Plans, Underwriting Associations and Guarantee Associations located throughout the United States.

  • Access quality benefit products
  • Simplify benefits/enrollment
  • Provide cost effective retiree options
  • Share/outsource benefits services
  • Obtain greater purchasing power
  • Access to HR support through iHRA
  • Compliance assistance
    (COBRA; 5500 filing; Plan Documents)
  • Easier renewal/better options
  • Obtain problem-solving support
  • Recruit/retain quality employees
  • Do more with the same staffing


Mission Statement:

ICSO H&W provides simplified administration, expert advice, and access to a unique mix of employee benefits products for insurance company supported organizations, their employees, and retirees.