Disability Income Protection

Retiree Benefit Solutions
Short Term Disability

  • A self-insured Advice to Pay short term disability plan with full professional processing services
  • The employer sets the benefit levels – Symetra does all the work to validate the claims, monitoring the disability until your employee is able to return to work

Long Term Disability

The ability to earn money is one of the most significant assets to your employees. Having a plan in place to replace lost wages in the event of a disability is a mark of sound financial planning as it protects families from financial disasters.

How does long-term disability insurance work?

The employer provides the paycheck while the employee is working; Symetra provides payments while the employee is not working in the event of a covered disability.

The ICSO H&W plans gives our participating employers a more robust, guarantee issue program which includes:

  • Benefits that pay 60% of pre-disability salary, up to $20,000/month
  • A choice between a 90 day or a 180 day elimination period
  • Progressive Partial Disability Benefit – When only able to work part-time, a partial benefit is available.
  • Survivor Income Benefit – A lump sum is paid to the beneficiary if death occurs while on disability
  • Waiver of Premium: After a period of time, premium payments do not have to be paid during periods of approved disability under our policy