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In the first ever use of a survey measuring “likelihood to recommend”, ICSO Health &Welfare received a very favorable score from plan participants rating the program.  This rating compares very favorably to the scores of some very well-known companies like Apple (iPhone), USAA and Southwest Airlines.

The “likelihood to recommend” survey objectively measures the probability that given an opportunity, current plan participants are so satisfied that they would recommend participation to others.  The survey was the first customer survey undertaken by the ICSO H&W program since engaging a new benefit program administration team (including NAMIC, Gibson Insurance, and Benelogic).  Because 2014 was the first full year for this new administration team, the timing was appropriate to take the pulse of participating companies to assess overall satisfaction and loyalty with the program.

We are all very gratified by the results – both in terms of current member satisfaction and in the likelihood of members recommending participation in the program to others.

Other key information items from the survey include:

  • Customer service, responsiveness, expertise/information of service providers, and ease of doing business were factors most often cited as responsible for survey scores
  • 83% of respondents are very satisfied with the overall mix of products offered
  • No part of a participant’s experience was rated below 4.6 on a 5 point scale

While not all ICSO H&W companies participated in the survey, nearly two-thirds of the companies did participate making the results credible.  We will continue to seek feedback regarding plan/program features and operations in our effort to maintain the satisfaction and loyalty of both existing and new company participants.

Thank you to those who participated in the survey, in your ratings and in your honest responses to the open ended questions contained in the survey.  All of this information is helpful to us in providing the best possible benefit programs to your employees and retirees.

For more information concerning the ICSO H&W program please contact Gigi Houston at or 855.656.4276.

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